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  • I was supposed to get some work done from home tonight but I just turned on my computer and I can’t get the program I need to work with my wifi.

    W H O O P S

  • 14/ favorite Volosozhar/Trankov moments

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  • runningroundparis:

    this is the most accurate portrayal of me

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  • figuresskating:

    Pete Holmes skates with (and casually threatens) U.S. Figure Skating National Champions, Max Aaron and Gracie Gold [x]

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  • Carolina Kostner (ITA) captures bronze 

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  • mummypechalats:

    RUSSIAN ICE DANCE: a summary by me, mara/natalie

    • bobrova/soloviev - injured, out for half the season, ekaterina’s hair is red like the blood of the people they’ll have to kill to keep any momentum for next season
    • ilinykh/zhiganshin - happy together, music choices good but using antony and cleopatra, fans consider rioting, elena’s fan is not allowed in actual competition
    • sinitsina/katsalapov - douching it up in canton, doing a blues fd but are probably only going to make it into the grays with their emoting skills
    • stepanova/bukin - overlord tarasova still likes them, they win things despite not being great - their autobiography victory by default comes out before russian nationals
    • yanovskaya/mozgov are dating and now they need to plan the wedding because i am not letting this fall apart again

    Also Monko/Khaliavin currently having the highest SD score of the season…